Class Size of One is a tutoring service that provides in-home tutoring for high school, college, and middle school students (down to fifth grade). Most of the tutoring is remedial – students are enrolled in school and having difficulty making the grades they would like. Sessions are anywhere from one to two hours in length. Most students are met with one to three times a week, depending on the need. New students are accepted year-round.

How do you know you’ve found a first-rate tutor?

At a minimum, he or she…

  • Is able to diagnose the trouble spots, in both the immediate and long term
  • Knows the material inside and out, and can answer every question
  • Can chart a course and the strategies that will maximize a student’s performance
  • Speaks in plain, helpful language, and isn’t stuck with one way of explaining something
  • Helps students with that particular brand of a subject being presented to them by their teacher and their textbook
  • Can react to change – can improvise a lesson plan on the spot in response to a sudden change in circumstances
  • Is available and accessible – promptly responds to texts, phone calls and emails
  • Has the right personality for tutoring

A call to Class Size of One will put you in touch with a skilled, experienced, enthusiastic tutor. My goal is to help every one of my students perform at their maximum potential. Success takes the form of improved grades, improved understanding, and the feeling that the student over a given time span did as well as he or she possibly could.

Hiring a tutor is an investment – in yourself or a family member. I find it rewarding to provide for people a great return on their investment.

Dave Colangeli