“David has helped me in 2 classes and he really knows how to break down the material so that you understand it. I will absolutely be calling him again for future classes.” 2020 (full review) Google

“All around excellent! … I highly recommend this tutoring service. 2017 (full review) Yelp

“Patient and organized … a great listener.” 2017 (full review) Yelp

“Always prompt and polite. My grade is an A … One ‘Size’ fits all …” 2008 (full review) MerchantCircle

“[Mr. Colangeli] … had a great way of explaining difficult concepts… I had struggled with this course previously and did not pass.” 2007, CitySearch

“I would recommend this business for anyone who is looking for dependable and affordable tutoring services!” 2006 (full review) SuperPages

“Outstanding! In all the years we have never had a tutor like this for any of our children.” 2006 (full review) SuperPages

“It’s been wonderful to watch my daughter’s math skills and confidence?grow under David’s direction.” 2006 (full review) SuperPages

Comments from various clients over the years

“I had to call and tell you: James got an ‘A+’ on his Math midterm. . .” mother of j.o., 2007

“Thank you for all your help this year! You really helped me out a lot!” – j.l., 2006

“He went from a ‘D-‘ on one report card in Math to a ‘B-‘ on the next one. . . That’s quite a jump.” – father of j.s., 2006

“My teacher walked up to me and shook my hand, for having my homework completed.” – s.f., 2005

“He went from an ‘F’ in Chemistry to a ‘B+,’ in one quarter, which is kind of amazing.” – father of j.b., 2005

“Well, this was certainly more helpful than the tutoring provided by my school.” – j.r., 2005

“No words can express the thanks for all the work you have done with Chris! He has made such great progress… We truly appreciate what you have done!” – mother of c.g., 2001

“I’m calling to tell you I got my grade: I got an ‘A!’ I was flippin’ because I never got an ‘A’ in Math before… but it was because of your help. Thank you very much!” – r.p., 2000